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With So Many Options, What Will You Choose?

Don’t tell me you have no choice, don’t whine about how unfair your situation is, don’t act as if you  are out of options. Even if it is your last action on this earth, you have a choice. You can go one way or another.

When you realize that you have a choice, that you can always make a decision the world opens up to you.  You see possibilities that previously seemed to not exist, but were actually just hidden from view because you continued to make similar choices and stay on a familiar path. It is all about CHOICE. Obviously in life we are thrown into positions or tragedy that we did not create and that are beyond our control to stop. Yet when this happens we are capable of choosing how to react. We choose to move forward or to live in the past.

A simple example, is a person who loses their arm. They didn’t want to lost that precious limb, but it happened and now they must relearn basic motor skills. They must choose to either become weak with pity or strong by moving forward.

I lost my money by choosing to spend it on things that I wrongly assumed would make me happy. I lost myself by believing what the bullies said. I lost my happiness by allowing myself to only feel sadness. I lost a few great jobs because I chose not to seek help for my depression. I wasted time and energy because I chose to hate others and focus on all that was negative.  I was choosing the same paths over and over again for about 17 years. In and out of depression I would go. I lost my friend to a bad and sudden choice on her part.  That was when I had enough.

I chose to look around and take paths that were foreign and a little scary. I stumbled, fell, broke, and put myself back together again. It has been rough, but I am making choices that are leading me to happiness, to success, to my passions. I lost my comfortable income by quitting a job I didn’t like.  Now I am working at what I love, writing books and teaching self defense, to create an income that will once again be comfortable.

Thanks to the wisdom that comes with age, I can see the most likely outcome and make smarter decisions. These days my choices are well considered.  My future choices are totally and completely in my power.

What great choices have you made?

What bad choices have you made?

What have you learned from all of those choices?

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