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Black and Atheist; Just Another View on Religion

I don’t write a lot of posts about religion because it is such a touchy subject that can be so easily taken the wrong way when read online, but once in a while I read something great and have to share it. I am not anti-religion. I refuse to live in an ANTI way.  I am FOR peace, not against war. I am FOR equality, not against hate. Because for me and many of you readers, life is better when we focus our attention on what works, not what fails. So for all you struggling with balance between religion, faith and atheism this is for you.

I just read ” A Back-and-Forth Between Two Black Atheist Brothers” and couldn’t agree with the two writers more. They hit a very sensitive but important nail on the head.  Other than the obvious destruction of culture or genocide, colonialism has a nasty history of forcing religion onto those that survive a take over. It’s a great way to continue your beliefs, but it also takes away the rights of natives to hold on to their own beliefs. Forcing your beliefs on another is just flat-out wrong.  My favorite line in this back and forth is here: “We would be interested in us!” One of the most annoying things about religion for me is how it steers people away from individual freedom, responsibility and growth.

Black Excellence Blog, Conner Augustus Jr., Philadelphia Youth Project

Individual freedom means respecting yourself as a unique individual who is capable and allowed to make your own choices. Individual responsibility means not blaming your mistakes or creating a scapegoat out of a god or deities, Individual growth is learning to love and respect yourself completely and not reliant on your “creator”.

We all have our own ideas so please leave a comment below, but keep it polite or it won’t ever get published. There is no room for intolerance here.

What do you think about religion, is it good, bad or somewhere in between?

Why do you feel that way?

7 thoughts on “Black and Atheist; Just Another View on Religion”

  1. Yup! Everyone pretty much knows what is expected of them honestly. Respect, commitment to the vision (which is what he’s passionate about) and integrity. I pray for all my team members and as long as we’re all on the same page moving forward, we’re good. It’s too busy around here to get caught up in different religious viewpoints lol. However, contrary to popular belief, i don’t believe in religion either. I am Christian but I am not religious. I focus on the relationship I have with God and that’s the principle Voice4Society stands on. Guess that’s why he’s okay with us lol


  2. Agreed! I have a diverse group who works with me, including an atheist (go figure). But I am a firm believer in living a life that I believe God wants. I have different views on things such as abortion, gay marriage, death penalty and other controversial topics but I won’t ask you to agree with me, if you don’t feel inclined to do so lol. But there is a thin,line between having your beliefs and ideologies and thinking that everyone should follow your train of thought all the time. Geez-how boring would that be? Lol. If more people were tolerable of everyone, like we are, i think the world would be a much better place to live in!


  3. Thank you for sharing your 2 cents. I like that you are not pushy which is why I follow your blog and was excited to be a part of your writing contest this summer. It’s easy for a person to simply decide that if another person doesn’t believe the way they do than that other person is automatically wrong and thus communication is closed. We live in a diverse world so whether we think religion is good or bad it IS a part of our world therefore we should respect that and not allow personal judgement to control another individual or group.


  4. I am Christian and as you know, Voice4Society was founded with faith-based principles. However, we have never forced our viewpoints on anyone. In fact, we encourage dialogue and vow to respect everyone, regardless of background, etc… A lot of Christians get a bad rap because it seems everyone feels that we are these pushy, money grubbing, hostile, forceful people. Of course, groups like the Jehovahs Witnesses prove otherwise but they are a different sect and a different story. I believe your faith should help you understand where you come from and who you belong to (God) and ultimately, guide your life in a way that is contagiously positive. Anyways, that’s my $0.02.


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