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My First Real Class

On  Sunday the 13th I will teach my first self defense class to people who are not blood relatives or friends. It’s very exciting and while I am not nervous now, I know the morning before I will be. I earned my certification back in August, but life was so busy that I only had energy to teach some friends. Over the holiday break my nieces and nephew were here and I practiced on them. Good thing I did too because I needed  a refresher. It went well and now I sleep a little better knowing they can fight back and disable any moron that tries to hurt them.

It will be a free community seminar at a local yoga/pilates studio. My hope is the class is so popular other studios ask me to teach and I can teach a follow-up class at this studio. We will go over the ABC’s, Attack By Combination with a focus on the Eyes, Ears, and Groin. Attendants will learn the best moves to disable an attacker. With the most recent publicized cases of rape, witnesses recording and bragging about rape, and the failure for our leaders to pass the Violence Against Women Act I hope for a large turnout.

You Can Fight Back: Emotional and Physical Self DefenseThe timing is also great because I just published a book to empower women on the path to self-defense, “You Can Fight Back: Emotional and Physical Self Defense” is available to read completely for free on In this book you will find instructions and diagrams on how to fight back physically and how to prevent and be aware of emotional abuse. I included my own personal story of how I stopped being a victim and advice on how to live fiercely. It is possible to fight back. There is no reason for girls and women to put up with people who joke about rape, openly objectify women, demoralize men who refuse to join in the degradation of women, and try to make the war on women sound like a something a hairy legged man hater made up.  It is imperative that we as a society stop allowing rape culture to exist.  We can no longer humiliate others as a form of comedy, and we must  express our right to no longer put down half the human race because of disgusting traditions.

If you are in the area near Carlsbad, CA this weekend you can sign up for a FREE Self Defense Seminar. This Sunday January 13th at 1-2pm for women ages 13- adult. Located in downtown at Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness.

10 thoughts on “My First Real Class”

  1. You’re welcome. I agree it’s not advice that I would give or endorse, but it seems to have worked for your personality. Did you see the news about teenagers witnessing and documenting, but not stopping a girl being raped and dragged to different parties in Ohio? It really stresses how important it is to have defense skills. We cannot count on someone else to save us


  2. Thank you so much for that link. I’m going to do my see what I can find now. This is very important.

    Kids are as cruel as they are innocent. They simply don’t think of the consequences behind what they do. I was bullied for a minute. I kicked butt and wasn’t bullied for awhile after that. It’s a shame it came down to that. I hated fighting but my mom said if I was ever beat up and came home crying, she’d beat me again. A terrible philosophy which I never adopted with my two, by the way.


  3. Neat. You can find a trainer here. I think most of us trainers offer free classes. I wish I had some training when I was younger. Thank goodness for that class in college, but as a kid I got bullied a lot. One girl threatened to kill me and then pushed me into a car in the 8th grade. She wasn’t mean to me until that day, so it was very unexpected.


  4. Yes, she was an angel. Reading your post made me think how vulnerable my daughter is. I’m going to look into getting her enrolled in a class. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Thank you. I recommend looking around your area for any classes. Usually community centers and YMCA’s offer free or very low cost classes. I used the self defense moves taught at my college several times.


  6. Those are great moves. Thank you for sharing. I am glad that lady shares her knowledge with others. What an angel.
    I always hold my keys in my fist when I walk alone fay or night and an elbow to the gut can cause a good amount of pain.
    Stomp on their ankle, kick their knee, gouge their eyes, scratch their ears, and hit or kick the groin are basics because those are all tender places that cause lots of pain.


  7. I think it’s really cool that you’re teaching this class. I’ve never taken one but I remember a lady in our apartment complex once, doing her laundry. Another girl and I were in there and she was showing us a couple of strateigies,which I still remember. One of the moves she told us was that if you’re walking alone, especially at night, to hold your key in such a way in your hand. If someone grabs you fronm behind, that key can be used as a weapon to puncture the attacker’s forehead, The next move was to use the elbow to the gut and make a run for it. Amazing how I remember that after all these years. Never had to use it but I carry my key, ready to use if need be.


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