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god and gender don’t mix

God and Gender don’t mix!  For me this is just like the saying “Drinking and Driving don’t mix! ” How can you have a peaceful equal world where only one gender is considered powerful or holy?  No wonder women have a history such low self esteem. No wonder we have to fight so hard every day for a right to have power over ourselves!

If I had been raised in a church where there was a holy, all powerful, all knowing father and son, but no holy, powerful, all knowing mother or daughter I would think that women were pretty lame and not powerful. I suppose this is what really bothers me about organized religions.  Actually the whole “don’t think for yourself because I am right and you are wrong” part bugs me a lot too. Why is the only mother a virgin and what does she do other than give birth to a son? This is a rhetorical question.  For me this whole ” obey your heavenly father” line has always seemed like a pathetic excuse to control women.

This is not an “anti-male” post, it is a “pro-equality” post. I was inspired to write this by my friend and mentor Jane Claypool. Read her blog post about women and new thought here:  http://janeclaypool.com/2012/04/19/women-and-new-thought/

Believe what makes YOU happy, but don’t let your beliefs put you down.  Do you think you are worthy of being loved and supported?

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