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Be a Pro

Be Pro-peace, Pro-organic food, Pro-education, Pro-community involvement, Pro-knowledge, Pro-love,  Pro-acceptance, Pro-tolerance, Pro-individual choice, Pro-civil rights, Pro-gay rights, Pro-women’s rights, Pro-animal rights, Pro-equality, Pro-freedom. What is missing from this list? Add it in a comment below.

Be whatever you want to be. Stand FOR everything that will make the world a better place. Let go of being AGAINST hate and be FOR peace instead.  You don’t need to have any negativity in your life at all. If someone is destroying the environment where you live, be proactive and make a positive change in a cleaner direction. If someone is physically hurting you, be proactive and leave. If someone is threatening you, figure out how to turn the tables and stop them from making that threat a reality.

It won’t be easy, but I challenge you to find at least one thing that you are against and find a way to be pro the results you want.


Empowering Discussions

god and gender don’t mix

God and Gender don’t mix!  For me this is just like the saying “Drinking and Driving don’t mix! ” How can you have a peaceful equal world where only one gender is considered powerful or holy?  No wonder women have a history such low self esteem. No wonder we have to fight so hard every day for a right to have power over ourselves!

If I had been raised in a church where there was a holy, all powerful, all knowing father and son, but no holy, powerful, all knowing mother or daughter I would think that women were pretty lame and not powerful. I suppose this is what really bothers me about organized religions.  Actually the whole “don’t think for yourself because I am right and you are wrong” part bugs me a lot too. Why is the only mother a virgin and what does she do other than give birth to a son? This is a rhetorical question.  For me this whole ” obey your heavenly father” line has always seemed like a pathetic excuse to control women.

This is not an “anti-male” post, it is a “pro-equality” post. I was inspired to write this by my friend and mentor Jane Claypool. Read her blog post about women and new thought here:  http://janeclaypool.com/2012/04/19/women-and-new-thought/

Believe what makes YOU happy, but don’t let your beliefs put you down.  Do you think you are worthy of being loved and supported?