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Guns Suck

Yea yea yeah, there are plenty of great arguments FOR guns. People use them to protect, they can save lives, blah blah blah. If there is one thing we can learn from the untimely death of Trayvon Martin it is how much guns suck. Don’t even leave a comment telling me how you think guns are great. It wont be published. Usually I like to hear different points of views, but not today.  You can have whatever opinion you want. That is your right, just keep it to yourself this one time. I am not going to sit here and tell you that you have no right to own a gun. You have a right to believe what you want. I just want you all to know how much I think GUNS SUCK!

For every kid that was hit by a stray bullet as they walked down the street, for every war that claims lives both innocent and guilty, for every friend that stuck a gun to his head and ended his life, for every wife or partner killed,  for every wasted life there is pain. Guns are a PERMANENT solution. You can take back words. You can apologize for yelling. You can heal from a bruise. BUT when a fatal gunshot takes a life, there is no chance, no forgiveness, no hope because guns kill without mercy.

What if  George didn’t have a gun?  Could they have still come to blows? Yes.  Could one of them ended up in the hospital? Yes. Could Trayvon still be alive? YES!

Aside from the disgusting tragedy of how we treat people based on their skin color, the worst part is knowing that the moment he squeezed that trigger lives were destroyed, families wept and a community was ripped apart across the lines of right and wrong. he probably felt like a big man with that gun. It gave him a false sense of control over the situation. It made him think he was invincible and nobody would mess with him. He probably thought I will show this kid who is boss. Only he knows for sure, but these are thoughts people tend to have when they are in possession of a weapon.

Nothing will bring Trayvon back.  It could be 16 years later as one of his friends types a tragedy similar to this on their blog that it all comes back. Their own sad memory of a violent loss from the past will come slamming back into their hearts breaking their resolve, releasing pain so that heavy they can barely see through their tears to continue typing at all. So yes I stick with my unwavering belief that guns suck.

I pray, hope and imagine a world where guns, bombs, landmines and war do not exist. I see a world where arguments, fights and problems are solved without weapons.  What one thing would YOU get rid of from OUR world? What do YOU think sucks?

12 thoughts on “Guns Suck”

  1. saying “guns are not the problem” is like saying nuclear weapons are not the problem. Of course they are part of the problem. They may not be the entirety of the problem but they are at least a major part of the problem if not THE major part. And, they are the easier part to deal with in the short term. If there were a need for the citizenry to own assault weapons, I’d like to hear what that need is and how that need would outweigh the need for school children to go to a safe place to learn. Will there always be evil people? yes; Are we going to get rid of all guns? not right away. but taking steps towards a de-militarized and de-weaponized environment is an obligation that all humans should feel strongly.


  2. Thanks. I agree. That is why I mentioned how people have an enhanced and somewhat false sense of control and power with guns.

    Compassion is Awesome! W need more of that.


  3. Guns are not the problem, they are a tool. I am not advocating for guns I so please bear with me.

    Those who commit violence will continue to do so unless society changes. Before guns there were other weapons of choice. I have spent many years training in martial arts and most likely would not need a weapon to kill a person BUT as a Buddhist I value human life, all human life, and would not kill anyone. In fact I do not kill anything if I can help it.

    My point is pointing the blame at guns (pun intended) on gets at the surface of the issue. The true issue is much deeper and hopefully one day our society will move beyond such behavior.

    Compassion does NOT suck!


  4. Guns don’t suck. People with guns suck! The NRA sucks. The part of the constitution that says people have the right to own guns sucks. Gun fares and gun toting hicks suck. Yeah, I guess guns do suck.


  5. when i hear stories like this. i think how grateful i am that i leave in a country that has so much beauracracy around gun possession that very few people actually get to own guns. for once it procedures dont bother me.
    if i could i would get rid of discrimination and hate. Every human should have equal rights.


  6. Couldn’t agree more. This world suffers from greediness, bigotry, racism, sexism and religious fanaticism, where too many people believe they know better than everybody else and try to save people’s souls even though no one asked them to do so. These are the same people who judge fellow human beings on whether they believe in certain ideas or not, these are the people who kill other human beings because they refuse to convert, these are the same people who over hundreds of years have committed attrocious crimes and demolished entire civilisations all in the name of a loving god. These are the same people who refuse equality on the grounds of sexual preferences and declare women as second rate citizens. As you can probably tell I am not religious but I strongly believe in the inherent right of everyone to believe in anything they choose without fear of judgement. That’s what freedom and true equality is all about.


  7. I agree with you wholeheartedly, guns sucks! If I could get red of anything it would have to be racism, racism is stupid! GOD created all of us, but some of us hate each other because of our skin color or our ethnic background. I just don’t get it!


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