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You Matter

I have posted before about abusive relationships and I will no doubt post in the future.  Let me make this very clear for those of you who don’t get it.  You matter! You deserve to be treated like the wonderful person you are. You deserve to be loved.

I like this book that can be used for FEMALES AND MALES!  “”Ditch That Jerk: Dealing with Men Who Control and Hurt Women” by Pamela Jayne.  Look for it at your local library or it is available on Amazon,

Being aware of controlling and abusive behavior gives you the power to run your life, but also saves you a lot of grief.  How many people have you met in life that were rude, mean or abusive?  I have met hundreds.  I am related to men and yes WOMEN who are abusive to their partners, children, friends and strangers.  Often they were very charming towards me, but then I learned about things they did to those with whom they had a lot of contact.

Please believe me when I say that whatever wrongs you have done in your past (rapists, abusers and child molesters not included) you DO NOT deserve to be treated badly by someone who says they love you.  You were not born useless or stupid or pathetic. Those are just the sort of things mean people say or imply to control you.  Don’t believe them.

Kick abusive, manipulative, controlling losers out of your life and do not under any circumstances turn around to give them a second chance. Love does not hurt. Love is not pain. Love is not suffering. Love is not obeying.

Love is beauty.  Love feels good. Love is comfort. Love is respect. Love is good.

“You matter. You do not have to put up with people who treat you badly.”


4 thoughts on “You Matter”

  1. Very well said. As a man I measure myself based on my ability to understand how others feel; respecting them and by holding myself accountable for my thoughts, words and actions. Love is given with love in mind.


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