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More Refreshing Than an Ice Cold Soda.

What is more refreshing than an ice cold soda on a hot summer day?   Honesty and Wonder.

Wherever  I turn there are lies, manipulation and drama. It is popular to be bad and cause drama. Why? Drama equals great ratings which in turn equals lots of money.  Ahh, greed.  It has yet to go out of style. Who can amass the most!  Let’s make lots of money so we can buy shiny things and go cool places.   But I am going off subject a bit.  Greed is just a crappy little byproduct of dishonesty.

Soda! Pffft,  I mean who even knows what’s in that stuff? Oh, well… actually I do, and it is not pretty.  What refreshes me these days?  Honesty, open minds, acceptance, love that is given without any thing expected in return. Ten years ago I would have rolled my eyes at this post or just passed it by. I would think, “I am not greedy because I want lots of money for shiny things. I am not into drama, I simply make life interesting. I don’t lie, I embellish so people will like me more. I am like everyone else”.  Well, it turns out that yea, I was greedy and I could never buy enough shiny things to refresh, I couldn’t tell enough lies to impress. I couldn’t get enough of the drama.  But now…..  now I want something that will last forever, that will not go away just because my situation is not ideal.

A lot has happened in 1o years. I  learned more about the world. I fell in love and lost. I saw friends die. I rid myself of people that did not treat me well. I overcame tragedy that I thought would break me forever.  But who hasn’t had this happen? These are not uncommon events.  They paved the way for me to stop and think why I wasn’t happy. I started to look around at the wonders in places I had forgotten or never known.  I learned that the game of life I was playing wasn’t the one that made me happy. I needed a new board, but didn’t know where to get one.  Change did not happen overnight. I made mistakes, I continue to make mistakes.  The difference now, is that I pay attention. I know what I am worth. I am worth a lot, more than you can see with your eyes. You’d have to spend a lot of time with me to see how much I am worth.

I do not feed the drama monster. I do not get involved with people that are angry. I do not lie. When I read, hear or see honesty I feel so happy. I makes me feel like despite all that is wrong, it will be okay.  I do not need to lie others. I don’t need to invent stories or embellish to get what I want.  Manipulation is not part of my day. Drama is not as entertaining to me as humor and kindness and the amazement this world has to offer.  Instead of being bored I ask questions. What can I do now that will bring me joy?  How can I improve this situation? What wonder will greet me today?

Today I feel refreshed because I found wonder in this world. 

What refreshes you? What is better than an ice cold soda on a hot summer day?


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