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Book review: “Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today’s Uganda”

What a great book. I was gifted a copy of this a few weeks ago and truly enjoyed reading the stories.

“Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today’s Uganda” is a collection of essays by women of various ages and areas across Uganda. These stories are somewhat foreign yet several of their experiences are familiar despite the different circumstances.

I greatly enjoyed the stories where I could relate to how the women reacted to the changes as they grew from child to adult. It’s quite amazing how quickly change happens throughout a lifetime. It’s also somewhat surprising to realize how much hasn’t changed.

The essays about the challenges of relationships, both hetero- and homosexual, changing education methods, religion and spirituality, dealing with sexual assault and the evolution of gender roles will seem familiar to many western readers.

On the other hand, essays about hiding from militants during a civil war, the downside to NGO’s or charity from the “west”, extreme poverty and the pull of ancient African spirituality may seem farther away than just across the ocean.

All in all these stories shed a bright and optimistic light on the continually changing roles of women in Uganda. In the theme of individual empowerment, no matter how slowly we move forward humanity will continue to evolve and progress is unstoppable.

–If you enjoy reading about life, progress and change I recommend this book.

–If you want to learn more about the world and see how women’s rights and roles are changing you should definitely read this book.

–This book would be a great gift for any feminist, young or old, male or female.

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Book Reviews

Book Review “Talking Back: Voices of Color”

Talking Back; Voices of Color” edited by Nellie Wong

If you’re searching for inspiration and want to get involved in creating positive sustainable change for everyone, read this book. You will gain valuable insights in regards to education, human rights, racism, immigration, oppression, war and the harsh realities of our justice system. Each voice offers ways to become involved, from taking small actions in our communities to creating broader government reform for the people and equality across borders. Women’s voices are given ample space to share their own insight and experience which is often missing from similar books.

I was inspired by all the voices from such diverse backgrounds who are so bravely taking on injustice and inequality. Here are some of my favorites.

“At one time, I was confused about who had it better or worse – immigrants or Blacks? But now I realize that it is not a ranking of oppression that matter, but who leads to unite us for radical change.” -Norma Gallegos

“People of color, immigrants, the homeless, youth, women, queers, dissenters and striking unionists all have the legal right to be free from police abuse. True, that right is violated every hour. But by uniting with each other in the streets and on civilian review boards we can take some important steps toward making that right on paper a right in reality.” -Emily Woo Yamasaki

“During a study group…I learned the true history of the civil right movement in the US and women’s decisive role in it. And became conscious for the first time that I was part of a huge working class. That’s when I grasped that standing up against social injustice like bigotry against immigrants, police violence and racism was just plain necessary.” -Karla Alegria

“It is the job of those who have lived through many of Uncle Sam’s wars to say to our young hermanas and hermanos: Gente, without you, the US can’t maim and drop it’s bombs around the world. Resist, and we will be beside you.” -Moises Montoya

There are so many more voices on important issues that should be heard and I’m so grateful to have read this collection. If you’re ready to be inspired get this book through Red Letter Press,


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