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The Temptation of Sirens – How To Become Aware of Disastrous Desires

I really enjoyed this blog post about taking control of your destiny by learning to be aware of when the sirens(your thoughts/desires) are tempting you with songs that drown out your truth.

“It takes courage to admit a weakness. It takes throwing out the lies of your experience to see the Truth. And it takes preparation to stop the cycle. Stopping the cycle does not mean we no longer here the seductive song of the Sirens, beckoning us not to the realization of our dreams, but to death; rather it means that once we learn to live at peace with our own selves, in our own right of who we are, just as we are… the song becomes less seductive. Why is that? It is because in that continuing awareness of who we are (not the fleeting thoughts), the all-encompassing need/desire recedes yet at the same time, I think, is actually met.…CONTINUE READING at the Treasure Trove blog



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How To Treat Yourself as a Precious Gem

I hope as a reader of this blog you don’t tire of the Self-Love message that I constantly post. For some people it can be a little too much, I used to cringe at ideas like this myself so I understand. If it wasn’t so necessary and  important in this glossy world obsessed with outward appearances I wouldn’t feel the need, but… So here is another blog post about the importance of loving yourself unconditionally. Read an excerpt below and then continue on to the Treasure Trove blog for the full story.

I have come to learn, with the help of my Mama, my Aunt and Uncle, and many, many others that loving myself involves treasuring myself. That is, I should treat myself as a precious gem. Not just treat myself as I would treat others (or hope to treat the ones upon whom I would bestow my love!), but to carve out time to nourish my soul, body and mind. To be patient with myself; to infuse my mind with positive self-talk instead of bad-mouthing myself; to seek out time alone (not to be confused with loneliness) as well as with friends; to make the time to work on – or play around with – creative endeavors; to let loose of being productive ‘all’ the time and simply be.”…continue reading at the Treasure Trove blog

Confidence, success, happiness, and inner peace are all side effects of loving yourself unconditionally.

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