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Coming Out of the Closet: You Can’t Please Everyone

You can’t please all the people all the time. Once again this is proven by entertainment news as former Miss America contestant Djuan Keila revealed her sexual orientation as Queer. Uproars are to be expected of course, but not in the LGBTQ commnity. How is that offensive to homosexuals? Some people felt the need to critique her using the word queer becuase they wanted a more specific label. If it was a cartoon the sheer ridiculousness would be funny.

If I was a celebrity or very high profile I would stay far away from socialmedia because of all the insecure bullies who don’t think twice about sewing toxic words into the world. Well I wouldn’t read the comments anyway.

That’s so disturbing that people are upset with how she labels herself. It’s as if they cannot accept that her identity is dependent on the way she sees herself based on persoal knowledge and experiences. I doubt any of those trolls would appreciate having their labels dissected and torn apart the way they are acting towards her. Life is all relevant so stop judging others!

T.H.E. Blog:  http://the-humanexperience.com/former-miss-america-contestant-comes-out-as-queer-and-upsets-some-lesbians/

Djuan’s Bloghttp://2life7.blogspot.com/2014/02/turning-they-into-we.html

Isn’t it inspiring that so many people around the world from different classes and careers are coming out and letting the world see that homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality? I love reading posts like this. I look forward to the day when someone says they’re LGBTQ and no media outlet cares to pick up the story. 🙂

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A Collection of Stories Redefines The Human Experience: Moving Past Labels In a Global Society

Earlier this month I shared with you the I Am The Human Experience Campaign which gave people the opportunity to look past the labels placed on them and redefine themselves. Peeling back labels is healthy because it allows us to step out of our comfort zone and accept both our own unique gifts as well as accepting others. By opening our minds to the reality that no single person fits into a box we can celebrate diversity and create global equality.

So many amazing people have contributed personal stories to this campaign. It’s not in the diversity of our experiences, but the similarities that are amazing to me. So much of the world looks at dividing lines, but across the globe we both love and struggle throughout our lives. You can see all of the submissions from this month at Thehumanexperienceblog.com/i-am-the-human-experience-campaign-submissions/ If you want to redefine yourself the campaign is still accepting experiences.

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Becoming Who You Are, and Defining Your Human Experience

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, writer, editor, self defense instructor, volunteer, woman, dreamer, artist, egalitarian, activist, and survivor, but first and foremost I am a human being.

I am a mixture of cultures and people that don’t fit into labels I was raised with ideals straying far from mass medias idea of the “average family”. The rules of normal never fit me, but even so I tried forcing myself into that mold. Finally I decided to love myself as is. Free from labels now I define myself by seeking knowledge, happiness, and inner peace.

For me the human experience is a mix of amazement and confusion.  We are capable of such beauty and ingenuity creating miracles here and progress there. We are capable to love and heal!  On the flip side we are unique, but force on ourselves specific identities disallowing differences and harshly punishing mistakes. Cruelty seems to come as easy as kindness. Why do we hate and hurt?

Through my eyes I see that life is a journey we must take based on what we as individuals see, feel, and wonder. We must follow only that which resonates with ourselves. Some of us take it in pairs or groups.  I have mostly walked alone, formerly scared, now moving forward with open arms. To embrace what? Well I haven’t figured that out.  Maybe I don’t need to know.

If others could see me sans judgment they would see an individual who is enthralled with how all of our stories intertwine. It’s not just my own journey that interests me, but others as well.  Our dreams and ideas are more valuable than gold. Once we realize that, life becomes richer. We each possess a specific brilliant light.  My goal through writing  is to show how each individual value empowers the world.

What are labels but a way to find order in a world that can overwhelm us. Do they define me? I think not.

“What is The Human Experience? It is the validity in your story and the story of 7,000,000,000 other people in this world. How do you put a label on being human? You don’t. You open your heart and listen. This is the foundation of our publication, The Human Experience, and we want to hear your story. Join us in spreading the diversity of the human experience with the world by sharing your story. Find out how to share your story with the world.”


What Defines Your Human Experience?

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