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A Collection of Stories Redefines The Human Experience: Moving Past Labels In a Global Society

Earlier this month I shared with you the I Am The Human Experience Campaign which gave people the opportunity to look past the labels placed on them and redefine themselves. Peeling back labels is healthy because it allows us to step out of our comfort zone and accept both our own unique gifts as well as accepting others. By opening our minds to the reality that no single person fits into a box we can celebrate diversity and create global equality.

So many amazing people have contributed personal stories to this campaign. It’s not in the diversity of our experiences, but the similarities that are amazing to me. So much of the world looks at dividing lines, but across the globe we both love and struggle throughout our lives. You can see all of the submissions from this month at Thehumanexperienceblog.com/i-am-the-human-experience-campaign-submissions/ If you want to redefine yourself the campaign is still accepting experiences.

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Empowering Discussions

New Campaign Breaks Stereotypes and Redefines The Human Experience

What is the human experience?  Many of us were taught that it involves living by a specific set of rules. Grow up, finish school, get a job, raise a family, work until we are 65, retire, be grandparents and deal with any bumps that try to throw us off “track” along the way. But what happens if that’s not what you desire, or if society at large tells you the experience you are having is abnormal or even wrong? The truth is there is no singular human experience. We are not mass produced in specific molds so we don’t have the same goals and desires. We are unique which means our experiences should be too.

T.H.E (The Human Experience) wants you to join their February campaign to share stories of all the different experiences that we as individuals are living through.

Now more than ever we have a chance to connect globally with people of all colors, classes, nationalities, sexual identities, genders, and beliefs. We can show the world that 1. There are many options for our own experience that are not what we thought “normal” should be, and 2. Discourage our unhealthy system of labeling people as if they are cans of food.

Wouldn’t you like to share your experience?

Read more about T.H.E at: thehumanexperienceblog.com

Follow the easy instructions for participation at:  thehumanexperienceblog.com/you-are-the-human-experience-tell-your-story/


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