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Focus on one action!

It is true that what we focus on controls our life.   I used to want to be rich. I would try anything to make money.  I just knew that a million dollars was always around the corner. I didn’t have a focus though.  I was so busy trying the next big thing, the easiest way, the path of least work or working on something I wasn’t interested in that I was all over the place.

When we focus, we accomplish goals. Think of when you were in school and had to write a book report. You probably got a better grade and felt real accomplishment when you focused and didn’t just throw something together that looked good.  Look, it isn’t rocket science. When we focus on what we want we succeed. Those genius kids that go to college at 16, the world famous cello player, the presidents of countries and Fortune 500 companies did not get that far by chance. They focused on what they loved, on what mattered to them and they got it.

So when you feel like giving up, when you hit that wall. Rearrange your focus. Think about what works.  Are you wasting your time trying to do everything?  Do you have a to-do list a mile long?  Put your focus only on what will help you, not everything under the sun.

I am telling you this from personal experience. After 3 decades,  I finally learned to focus on what works instead of everything.  Here is an affirmation for you.

My focus is straight.

I will work smartly on this action.

My attention will stay right where it belongs.

I am focused!


Empowering Discussions

Respect and Confidence Go Hand in Hand

I originally wrote this for my empowerment website. You can see that here: http://mpwru.webs.com

Respect for yourself is necessary for a fulfilling life. Self respect cannot be bought or forced, but it is within your grasp. What exactly does it mean when people say “Believe in yourself”? Obviously you are a real living person and you don’t need to believe that you exist. What we should say is Believe in your ability to accomplish your goals. Trust your instincts, listen to that voice in your head that says maybe what I want IS possible. It may be far out of reach at this moment, but it won’t always be so far from actually happening. Confidence is not much different than self respect. You basically need one to have the other. If you are confident in your abilities than you will respect yourself. On the other hand if you don’t have any faith in your abilities than you probably feel more loser than superstar.

This shouldn’t be news to you, but doing something amazing takes skills, hard work and patience. Miracles, angels, luck, karma, coincidence; they all happen occasionally to help us achieve our goals, but we cannot rely only that to get us where we want to go. Ask any successful person about their life and they will tell you of struggles, failures, days, weeks, months or years when everything went wrong. Still they persevered, believed in their ability to accomplish what they wanted and did not listen to the voice in their head that says they could not do it.

Accomplishing a goal that is important to you will give you a great dose of self respect. When you respect yourself it is easier to respect others, because you can see the greatness we all possess and know first hand that what you once thought of as lofty dreams can become your reality.

There is probably a greet deal that you have already accomplished. If you can speak, read, walk and feed yourself than you have achieved what we call basic skills. However there is nothing basic about these skills. You did not learn to walk in a day, you crawled around for about a year and learned from trying until you could stand up and put one foot in front of the other. Apply this same principle to all of your goals and respect the process you must go though before you can achieve anything.