Self Defense


Don’t be afraid to use your voice. Speak up when someone harasses you. Nobody deserves to be treated badly. If someone hurts or scares you, they are wrong and you have the right to take action. You have the right to protect yourself. Despite what you may have been taught, you can be strong and stay safe. Empowering yourself requires confidence and knowledge. Use the information below to educate yourself and your friends. If you are attacked, report the crime to the police, your boss, a teacher, family member or friend.

Stay with groups of friends when you are out at night and stay in well lighted areas.
If drinking keep an eye on your glass or someone can slip drugs in your drink. These drugs can be used in any drink because they are colorless and odorless.
When you are alone or in an unfamiliar area pay attention and BE ALERT!
Carry bags close to your body and hide your jewelry when out alone.
Take a self defense class at your local college or recreation center or join a martial arts class.


Roll up a magazine and jab the end into an attackers neck.
Take a brush and rake the bristles across an attackers eyes.
Spray your attacker with mace, perfume or other liquids that will sting when sprayed into their eyes.
Use your keys, pens or nail file to scratch an attackers face and arms or use it to poke them hard in their ribs.
Hit an attacker with your reusable water bottle, a book or bag.
When in doubt yell for help or RUN!

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