Flourishing With Self-Love

“I am flourishing with a practice of self-love.” I have only felt this way the past few years. The rest of my life was a depression mindset filled with trauma, violence, grief and low self-worth. I felt certain that I was a permanently flawed, broken, useless excuse for a human. But through unexpected twists and turns I found my truth. I grounded into my own love, and I healed my pain. It wasn’t magic. I didn’t win the lottery or find a great job. Nobody saved me, but I did it. That’s why I believe in others. That’s why I believe in YOU and want you to know that you are not broken. You may be scarred and traumatized, but not inherently so. You deserve to be loved and you deserve to save yourself. Hugs, Leah

Illustration of peacock with words "I am valuing my creativity and time. I am flourishing with self-love" by artist Leah Oviedo at

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