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Paths by Lilya Chang

We all have our unique paths in this interesting journey of life, yet we share many similar experiences. I hope this poem by Lilya Chuang inspires you to connect with others as well as show compassion and celebration for the paths we each travel.
Peace and balance….

Free Spirit Howl

There can be good and bad anywhere

Plenty of good people to connect with and share

There is beauty and slippery rocks along the way

I worked on awareness so I wont slip away

My path had flowers that bloomed bright

A warrior that needed to fight

After getting so hurt, precious stones I found as I fell in the dirt

As I bleed I get back up and proceed

My path had fiery coals

I got burned by lost souls

Through burning there is learning

I walked through fire to get to true desire

Through endings to new beginnings I grew

Like a phoenix I live again and renew

My path had a lovely stranger that truly saw me

I felt it in his words so beautifully

To my surprise, he quickly intuitively saw so much in my eyes

A unique experience amazing and true

Wise stranger that knows…

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