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What’s Victim Blame?

It seems to be very hard to explain to some men and a few women about victim blaming and how it makes no sense. I found this funny, thought provoking post about why it’s common sense for men to just stay home instead of going out to a bar or party, lest they become the victim of a “false” rape account.  Keep in mind that accounts of false rapes, are RARE, like Rush Limbaugh saying something logical.  Below is an excerpt that all men need to read and a link to the full article.

The harsh truth is that yes, indeed, you wouldn’t go out leaving your front door open – that’s just an invitation to burglars. Nor would you leave your iPad on a table in the pub while you nipped to the loo. It’s just basic risk management. Why, then, do so many men go out and have sex, when clearly that’s a red flag to all potential false rape accusers? I’m not saying such men are to blame when false accusations are made, just that all men should seriously restrict their activities in order to minimise the opportunities…”  Continue Reading at