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What’s Victim Blame?

It seems to be very hard to explain to some men and a few women about victim blaming and how it makes no sense. I found this funny, thought provoking post about why it’s common sense for men to just stay home instead of going out to a bar or party, lest they become the victim of a “false” rape account.  Keep in mind that accounts of false rapes, are RARE, like Rush Limbaugh saying something logical.  Below is an excerpt that all men need to read and a link to the full article.

The harsh truth is that yes, indeed, you wouldn’t go out leaving your front door open – that’s just an invitation to burglars. Nor would you leave your iPad on a table in the pub while you nipped to the loo. It’s just basic risk management. Why, then, do so many men go out and have sex, when clearly that’s a red flag to all potential false rape accusers? I’m not saying such men are to blame when false accusations are made, just that all men should seriously restrict their activities in order to minimise the opportunities…”  Continue Reading at 

3 thoughts on “What’s Victim Blame?”

  1. Ignorant attorney blames abuse against autistic man on autism itself. Wow. Just amazing. So now it’s the autistic person’s fault for being autistic. And any caregiver that abuses the severely autistic person must be under so much stress that these poor abusive caregivers need counseling and support.

    Here’s response one person had to this disgusting attorney’s ignorance about autism.

    “It’s interesting that in the video clips shown of these abusive caregivers, in no clip is the autistic young man exhibiting behaviors that would give a caregiver an excuse to abuse the young man. In fact, upon careful analysis, which apparently you haven’t done, you see these caregivers are bothered by the autistic young man’s getting up and needing to be walked, comforted or cared for. Instead of comforting or caring for the young man, viewers see in these clips that the caregivers are busy texting on their phones, sitting and closing their eyes as if trying to sleep or watching a movie on their lap top. Good try Mr. Spital, in attempting to downplay and minimize the horrific abuse against severely autistic people in our community. But we aren’t buying it.”

    What’s next? Another ignorant attorney will write it’s okay to kill or abuse an elderly woman with Dementia because the poor little stressed out caregivers needed more training? What a dangerous message to send public. There is NO excuse for abusing elderly or disabled people who are especially vulnerable. If the health care worker can’t handle it, then get into another profession. Don’t show up masquerading as a caregiver and collect your check. If it’s too much, then quit. The reality is abusive caregivers don’t quit because they want the money and they often get off in controlling, bullying and abusing these vulnerable autistic or elderly people. How dare people blame the victim’s condition for the abuse by the caregivers. Just sickening.


  2. Thank you for sharing your story and blog. I worked at a DV/SA center for some time and I am surprised that there is still so much victim blaming. It’s ridiculous.


  3. As someone who works at a Domestic Violence shelter I know the difficulty with victim blaming. That’s actually part of why I created my blog…. to show solidarity with the “slut walk” movement and to bring light to the double standard for men and women’s sexuality. Victim blaming is a serious problem and the only way to stop it is to put it out into the open and call people out when they do it!


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