Autumn Vase – New Art

Autumn in southern California isn’t like the majority of North America. We have less obvious changes. Despite popular belief, some plants and trees do hibernate, but not all at once and not all have such colorful transformations. Plus, as a semi-tropical climate, we often have our hottest days in October. So, having a hot pumpkin spice latte while hiking through the mountains is less appealing.

Spending last autumn in the Northeast of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maryland reminded me of how autumn can be so strikingly beautiful and so cold, in different latitudes. I really enjoyed the large expanse of hills changing colors into oranges, reds and yellows. It was a feast for my eyes. While working in Wareham, Massachusetts, I created this autumn bouquet on the banks of a river by an old red barn. This art is part of my adventure of traveling for eight months in a row. You can read more about my travels and how I could afford to be gone that long on a starving artist salary here.

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Coloring Pages

Plant Kindness and Gather Love – Free Coloring Page

“Plant Kindness and Gather Love” is one of my favorite quotes and is also a coloring page from my new book, “Jody’s Garden“.

Print a FREE copy: Plant Kindness Coloring Page

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grief and gardening

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Grief is a changing of seasons in our own garden.
Gardens are a space for healing. With the cycle of life and death so close at hand, we have an opportunity to learn many lessons. In the garden, we can see the interconnectedness of our own life. We learn how the soil, once seen as nothing but dirt, reveals that it is teeming with life. Plants remind us the importance of self-care as we must give them just enough, but not too much, water and be on the lookout for toxins and insects that might cause harm. The beauty of flowers that only bloom once or twice a year teach us patience. When plants die we can better understand that nothing is permanent and remember to live in the present.