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Another Book Update

Below is a list of organizations that received a free copy of my book, I Am More Than Just a Girl.  On Friday I will be meeting with a local youth organization about my book and curriculum.

  -FLY Girls Mentoring, Houston, TX        -Healthy Start, Fall City, WA

-SANDAPP, San Diego, CA        -Girl Power United, Chesapeake, VA 

-Young Women Empowered, Langley, WA      -Malibu House of Hope, Agoura Hills, CA 

-Girls Leadership Institute, Emeryville, CA       -The Priceless Project, Lancaster, P

-Malibu House of Hope, Agoura Hills, CA       -Women’s Resource Center, Oceanside, CA

-Young Women Empowered, Langley WA      -Big Dreamz Inc., Charlotte NC

Thanks to all my supporters for helping me live my dream and also supporting the empowerment of young women.