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Another Book Update

Below is a list of organizations that received a free copy of my book, I Am More Than Just a Girl.  On Friday I will be meeting with a local youth organization about my book and curriculum.

  -FLY Girls Mentoring, Houston, TX        -Healthy Start, Fall City, WA

-SANDAPP, San Diego, CA        -Girl Power United, Chesapeake, VA 

-Young Women Empowered, Langley, WA      -Malibu House of Hope, Agoura Hills, CA 

-Girls Leadership Institute, Emeryville, CA       -The Priceless Project, Lancaster, P

-Malibu House of Hope, Agoura Hills, CA       -Women’s Resource Center, Oceanside, CA

-Young Women Empowered, Langley WA      -Big Dreamz Inc., Charlotte NC

Thanks to all my supporters for helping me live my dream and also supporting the empowerment of young women.


4 thoughts on “Another Book Update”

  1. I am really amazed at the work that you do. Not only is your message powerful and signficant, you are generous and willing to do the work to get this message out there. I am finding you to be an excellent example. THANKS


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