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Printable Poster – Abuquerque Sol – Nature Art/Photograpy

Have you heard of printable posters? They are all over Etsy! I love technology. With the ease and quality of home printing, it’s simple to turn almost any photo into a high quality poster from your home printer. Here is my first printable poster, available for a donation amount of your choice. < Click bellow the photo to print the poster. >

Like this poster? It can printed with a standard printer, color ink and glossy paper for a quality poster you can hang up wherever you like. Print it: Albuquerque Sol Poster Leah Oviedo 2018

If you print my art, I always appreciate payment for my work. You can make a one time or monthly art donation to me at https://www.patreon.com/loviedo.

You can also buy this poster or put the design on t-shirts-, cups, clocks, journals and more through my shop on Redbubble.com/people/oviedo

Peace and hugs, Leah Oviedo

I’m an artist and writer on a mission to bring healing arts into the mainstream. If you would like to support my heart work, please consider becoming a monthly patron on Patreon. As a patron, you can fund programs like my D.I.Y. Therapy: Healing Depression E-course, my monthly “Radical” e-zine and other creative healing projects, like “Cultivating Radical Self-Love: A Collaboration of Healers, Artists & Writers“.

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