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Everyone is talking about Net Neutrality. Take action now.

As a human rights activist, internet equality means saving lives by sharing voices! As an artist and writer who uses the internet to earn an income, net neutrality is crucial to my success! We have to rise up loudly and make sure this new administration doesn’t give our power of community to corporations! Citizens United already states that profits are more important than people. !Ya basta! Call your representatives, write letters, sign petitions and if you can join an action to stop the FCC from selling out. We, the taxpayers should have more rights than corporations!
You can learn more and FIND AN ACTION NEAR YOU on the Rise Up Times blog.
“Enough is enough: It’s time to go all in for the open internet. More than 600 protests across the country have already been scheduled! This is an easy and fun way to show up for Net Neutrality, connect with other open-internet supporters, and send a message to Congress and the FCC. Click here to find a rally near you, or sign up to host one!”

Rise Up Times

Urgent: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has scheduled a Dec. 14 vote to roll back the Title II Net Neutrality rules. That means it’s time to amp up our efforts to save the open internet.

Don't end Net Neutrality

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of activism to protect Net Neutrality, and people like you have made the phones at the FCC and in Congress ring off the hook. This response has been amazing and it’s working: Lawmakers are tweeting and writing letters to express their support for the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to respond,
click here to take action.

Now that we have everyone’s attention, it’s time to take to the streets. [See below for protests in the Twin Cities area.)

If the FCC succeeds in killing Net Neutrality, companies like Verizon will be able to censor online content and pick and choose what you can see…

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