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Lesson One- Choose To Heal

Name your intention.

Are you ready to heal?

You must answer YES for any guidance or therapy to help. If you aren’t ready and willing to heal your depression than nothing in this book will help. The hard truth is real sustainable healing starts within your own mind and body. It starts with you making a choice.

I wasn’t ready for a long time, but there came a day when I realized the only thing I was ready for was to heal. Without healing my depression, grief and fears I knew my life would never feel whole. I would never find that healthy balance that would allow me to follow my dreams and make a difference in the world.

Be prepared. You must set your intention and take action if you want to heal. Ending depression doesn’t happen overnight. You might feel great after reading this or doing a few actions, but if you don’t commit to long-term action your depression will return. I’m speaking from my own experience.   For most of us depression is a lifelong issue. It may never go away completely, but we can continue to live through each stage and move forward for better health. Each time we’re able to stop depression from taking hold we become stronger.

Life is filled with stress, failures, grief and loss. These will knock you off-balance and bend you into a pretzel, but with intention you can untangle yourself and return to your core. Remember that you are in control. Remember that healing takes time


Say your intention out loud and repeat it three times!

Write it in your journal.

*Keep your intention with you by writing a note and putting it in your wallet or bag.

*Example of intention: “My intention is to heal my pain with loving kindness toward myself. I will use tools that will strengthen my mental health. When I get angry, frustrated or sad I will use compassion to remember that I am on a healing path and healing takes time.”

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