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#MomentOfTruth – Share Your Story of How This Election Has Effected You

 Electing Trump as president is terrible, but our fight is not over till we stop caring and stop working for equality! I’m happy to learn that Hollaback(one of my all time fave orgs) and 15 other nonprofits have banded together to launch #MomentofTruth: a campaign to document a rise in post-election hate and violence. People can submit stories documenting their own experiences, or stories where they witnessed hate or violence and tried to intervene. You can find the campaign at momentoftruth2016.tumblr.com.

The election is over, but its impact is not. The 2016 presidential campaign exposed us to the deep racism, sexism, and power imbalances that are still entrenched in the United States,” said Emily May, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Hollaback!, the nonprofit that uses individual stories to spur new global conversations about harassment. “American citizens and noncitizens alike are feeling anxious, exhausted, and deeply unsafe. Our new campaign is designed to show people what is wrong, so that they can begin to see where we need to go next.

The #MomentofTruth campaign is powered by Hollaback! and its partners Rhize, The Dinner Party, Women, Action and Media, CTZNwell, The Harry Potter Alliance, Uplift, Sadie Nash Leadership Project, Paradigm Shift, TMI Project, The Network Innovation Fund, Breakthrough, The Faith Matters Network, The UnSlut Project, StoryCorps, and Take Back the Tech.

Visit Tumblr, watch and use the #MomentofTruth hashtag, and visit the Moment of Truth StoryCorps Community page for more information on this campaign.


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