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The power of literature!

As a writer I encourage others to read because there is so much we gain from books; knowledge, adventure, hope, and a broader view of the world.

My mom read and cuddled with us at night and encouraged weekly trips to the library. On the occasion when we were awful our punishment was being grounded from the library for a week. Oh the pain of that punishment! Wow was that difficult.

I still LOVE reading and writing and sharing stories nd enjoyed this blog post about a mom’s joy at her sons love of reading.

“Give them the freedom to struggle with a word as they try to sound it out. Find books that match their interests. They not only deserve a solid foundation in literacy, but they NEED it. Be what they need. Bond and cuddle during story time and you will find that even as they enter the pre-teen stage, that bond will stand strong.”

The Treasure Trove

I have continued to be rather embarrassed by this question, because I wasn’t entirely sure how to answer it for a couple of years. My little darling began reading at 3 years old. He knew his letters before that, but other than doing some seemingly random (but innate) things, I was convinced I hadn’t taught him.

Turns out, his parents’ bookish instincts proved helpful!

Me, Grandma Brenda & Edan

Edan (now 5) had a book in his NICU crib as an infant. Yes, we bought him a black and white book to put in there, knowing he couldn’t yet see color. We read to him as we rocked him, hooked up to all those monitors. We told him stories without books, too. Talk, talk, talk.

When we brought him home after 4 months, we took turns with Grandma Brenda reading to him. Not just a daily dose of reading before sleep. All…

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