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Book Review “Szen Zone” by Gary Szenderski

There are two main reasons I read a book, either for escape or knowledge. On this blog I only review non-fiction books that help with personal development so I was happy to be gifted the “Szen Zone” by Gary Szenderski. It’s one of those books that you can start wherever you like. I would pick it up, read, set down and repeat the next day or a week later. I started reading it in March and am just now finishing it.

I’ll share a few of my favorite quotes, “szenippets”, from the book and let you decide if this books is right for you.

-“Reboot – When things get so piled up that nothing seems to be getting done, that’s the time to do nothing. We all need to reboot from time to time – to do nothing.”

-“Wherever we are now, we can start to move toward or dream and remember it’s never too late, once we understand “why” we want it.”

-“Seems that change can be difficult especially when what was working fine, at least in our view, is suddenly not an option. How we face new choices often determines if the new choice will work at all….Creating something new begins with thinking something new.”

-“Our world works from the inside out. This means that whatever notion we have bout our world is filtered through our belief system, which is lodged in our deepest thoughts, feelings and experience….Examine these beliefs.”

-“We cannot change anyone that doesn’t want to change. They alone have the power. No one can change us if we don’t want to. Same reason.”

So there you have my opinion and favorite parts of the book. Have you read it? What did you think?

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