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D.I.Y. Therapy: Cry Baby Cry! Let Out Pain and You Can Let In Peace

Go ahead and CRY. It’s okay to let out that pent-up pain. Yes happiness is one of our goals, but we are imperfect beings and we feel sadness.  Our real goal is to find BALANCE. 

1454970375585Why do we stop ourselves from expressing negative emotions? If you’ve lived as long as me or are an emotionally intelligent person than you have noticed by now that denying, ignoring and stopping ourselves and others from expressing negative emotions only gives those negatives more strength.

There is a healthy strength in allowing yourself to cry when you can’t hold in the pain any longer. Crying releases the toxic negative buildup residing in our bodies. Crying gives us relief.

For me I used to cry so easily. The tiniest prick would have me slumped on the floor. So I nagged and berated myself about it. I was so cruel, calling myself a “stupid useless idiot”. The more frustrated I became with my pain and tears the more I cried. I trapped myself in a nasty cycle. I felt like I would be stuck in it forever.

But then I started reading wisdom from others who had felt similar pains, who held in hate and sought revenge for the pain others caused me. I listened openly to their words and found a comfort in learning two very important lessons.

The first lesson was that I was not alone in my pain. There were many more like me. Some of them survived and some gave up under the weight. I decided I wanted to survive.

The second lesson was that I could heal if I learned to go, to focus on what really matters be it good or bad. I learned that not every prick deserved a cry. I learned to shed my tears for the gut punches. A small cut requires medicine and a bandage. Those big painful knock-outs require much more. They need a cleansing.

Crying is a cleanse. It allows you to rinse away the lingering disease and heal.

So go ahead and CRY!



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2 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Therapy: Cry Baby Cry! Let Out Pain and You Can Let In Peace”

  1. I love how candid you (always) are, without passing judgement. I have had almost exactly those same thoughts (and even now they creep up more than I probably realize). I used to cry at every little thing, too. I feared I was a hypochondriac. Now I cry far, far less; I have chosen what is worth crying over, and because I choose, it now actually IS therapeutic. Thanks for the reminder. Might go have a good cry this week. Just because I can, to make up for the times I forgot to allow myself to cry lately.


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