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Guest Post: Building Your Resilience Reflex with Zaheen Nanji

We all want to keep our children safe. The damage of 911 and other acts of terrorism affects adults and children. The damage to children who witnessed catastrophic events wasn’t only physical, but psychological. Programmes have now been implemented to encourage resilience in schools all over the world. These programs help children and adults recover from trauma and cope with day-to-day stresses. For a long time a persons level of resilience was thought to be inherited. Can we develop our resiliency?


I am no stranger to life’s ups and downs; I was able to overcome many struggles throughout my life. I have bounced back from not being able to speak because of my speech impediment, and from moving halfway across the world without my parents at the age of 15. I lived in Kenya, Africa, a place with ongoing threats, robberies and a place with a general lack of safety. At age 5, an incident left me with a speech impediment-stuttering. I was also able to overcome a long battle with food, once being 40 pounds overweight. Yet today I managed to overcome my speech impediment. I completed my education in Nutrition & Food Science, and Environmental Health and I built two businesses. I currently work in the health field; I am a professional speaker and an award-winning author. People always ask how I overcame such obstacles. It was as if they were looking for a secret formula to being resilient or finding success. I really had to look internally and ask myself, Do I have a formula that I could share with others to help them overcome challenges and move forward? As I looked at my daughter I realized that this knowledge was important and needed to be shared with others. This is how the idea for the book was born.

When writing The Resilience Reflex I thought that I would not find the time to write. The only day I had was Sunday, but I wanted to spend that time with my family. After speaking to my coach, he pointed out that I could sacrifice a few hours in the early morning. So I did. I wrote and researched every Sunday morning between 5 and 11 a.m. for 5 months.

Both of my books, Attract Your Ideal Weight: 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep It Off, and my new release The Resilience Reflex dives into the behavior changes and mindset of people who have been successful and provides real-life experiences of people who have overcome their obstacles. Both books talk about managing and everyday coping skills that can be used in life and business. Women today experience a lot of stress! They have a lot to manage, family, life and business. I help women balance their life and business and became very successful. When managing stress and developing resilience we need to remember that our so-called negative emotions have a positive intent. For example, if you’ve been asked to present at the next board meeting, you may start feeling anxious, stressed and even scared, but we hardly ever acknowledge the reason behind those emotions. The positive intent of these feelings is to keep you safe from embarrassment. Once you acknowledge the positive intent behind the emotion, you are one step closer to overcoming this fear and developing your emotional resilience.
The Resilience Reflex provides the 8 keys to resiliency that can be used in business and life; it also provides the 3 steps, which is my signature system, on building ones resilience reflex. Once these 3 steps are used over and over again in challenging times, individuals will be able to easily find solutions and bounce back. Amazon Bestseller “The Resilience Reflex” is available on Amazon and other retailers. When you order the book you receive as a bonus gift The Resilience Reflex Workbook – 3 Powerful Steps to Get Unstuck and Bounce Back, this is available at Zaheennanji.com.

Book Excerpt

I’m not going to live here; I am going back to Kenya. I can’t survive here! I wiped my tears away. Other kids will make fun of me in school, and I will hate it. However, in the back of my mind, I knew there was no going back.
I could feel every cell in my body screaming, I wish I didn’t stutter! With a stutter that controlled my life, how could I expect to survive the next few years in high school?
 We string words to create dialogue, to have meaningful conversations, to inspire others with a moving speech, and all of these have two things in common: communication and creating relationships. The average person may not think twice when she opens her mouth to have a conversation; the words just flow out. That’s not the case for a person who stutters.



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