Suffrajitsu – The Suffragist Army We Wish Was Real

My very cool brother sent me to this new site and I love it! It’s a graphic novel based off of the early Suffragist movement for equality and it kicks ass! Set in a alternate history, suffragists are forced to go underground and become brave fighters. How cool is that!!!

The Suffrajitsu Army by Tony Wolf and artist Joao Vieria.

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  1. Hey there!

    Glad you found our website and we hope you enjoy the graphic novels, which are now available in both e-book and print formats.

    Just a heads-up that the radical English suffragettes really did create a secret society of martial arts-trained women who protected their leaders from arrest and assault. Known as the “Bodyguard”, “Jujitsuffragettes” and “Amazons”, they had several spectacular battles with the police during early 1914. Most of the events of Suffrajitsu Issue #1 are very closely based on real herstory and you can read more about this on our site: .


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