D.I.Y. Therapy

D.I.Y. Therapy: How To Declutter Your Mind of Negativity, Doubt and Anger

 I spent a lifetime gaining stuff , not nice expensive brand name stuff, just stuff, and a lot of it was low quality. It cluttered up my life along with millions of thoughts that I was never good enough until I had everything. Does this sound familiar?  Below are my most common thoughts that have cluttered my brain and pushed out the loving, clear and innovative thoughts I really believe.

Thoughts to get rid of:

  • “I’m Not Good Enough.
  • “If Only I Had….”
  • “Why Am I Such a Failure?”
  • “Why Is Everyone Else Happy All the Time?”

Now be still and be mindful. Are these thoughts helping you at all? Probably not. While it’s important to be realistic, negativity, doubt and anger are clutter that keeps clear and innovative thoughts from shining through.

Think of how hard it is to find something to wear when your clothes are scattered across your room, shoved in drawers and laying on the floor of your closet. (If you’ve NEVER had a messy closet, than think of a time and place when you had to search for something in a bunch of clutter.) Once you’ve picked up and organized your clothing it’s easier to see what you absolutely love to wear and what needs to go.

The trick to changing your thoughts is using proactive and kind words. You need to train or retrain your brain to think positively.  “Positive” doesn’t mean you need to be little miss sunshine all the time, but you want to steer clear of thoughts that fill you with doubt in regards to areas of your life where you thrive. Negative thoughts that devalue your characteristics, natural talents, skills and accomplishments are not helpful.

  • CHANGE “I’m not good enough” to “I’m great at (insert your strengths/skills).” or “I may not be an acclaimed author yet, but I’m learning how right now and that’s good enough.”
  • CHANGE “If only I had..” to “I actually do have (insert item/action).” or “I know that I can work towards what I need.”
  • CHANGE “Why am I such a failure?” to ” I’m successful at (insert your accomplishments).” or “It’s okay to fail, even as often as I do. What matters is that I will keep moving forward.” or “I believe in myself, I trust myself, I love myself.”
  • CHANGE “Why is everybody else happy all the time?” to “I will not compare myself to others.” or “It’s okay to feel unhappy sometimes.” or “What is bothering me and how can I fix it?”

Please remember that nobody is happy all the time. Most of us have days where we feel awful, sad, lonely or angry at the world for various reasons. It is okay to be unhappy and feel down. You’re not a bad person just because you don’t walk around smiling and high fiving everyone or pretending to feel good when you actually feel bad.

You deserve to feel good and one way to feel happy, balanced and healthy is to declutter your mind. While you’re at it have a yard sale and get rid of the stuff cluttering your home or work space. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we lessen our load. 🙂


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