San Diego Police Draw Guns on Man Laying on Ground – Woman Calls Them Out in Video!

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!  (except for her language) This woman is a hero for saying something and recording what the police do everyday, hassling people who have nothing. Homeless? Mentally ill? How about human beings like you and me that just had shitty lives and got screwed over once too often!

This is your tax dollars at work people! Look at how many police are wasting your tax dollars creating drama!

Why don’t they take him to a home where he can take a shower, eat some food put on some clean clothes and get assistance? These are things we take for granted everyday. Why are they pulling guns on this man laying in the ground?

That man wasn’t doing anything. I walk around homeless and mentally ill people daily and they do NOT bother me. The way San Diego police treat people is awful, but the way we “the people” don’t stop it is even worse!

If you want change you have to get involved. So what are you waiting for?

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