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Book Review: “The Big Wide Calm” by Rich Marcello

I didn’t want to stop reading this book. It has a great empowering message that fits in with this blogs theme of individual empowerment.

book2One telling trait of a great book is reaching the last page and craving more, which is what happened at the end of The Big Wide Calm. This alluring story is full of surprises making it difficult to put down. You may think you know how things will end, but the twists and turn are not predictable; you will be surprised at how each one plays out.

This is a story of Sex, Love and Rock n’ Roll, without the painful drug addictions and unsettling backstabbing associated with too many rock to riches stories. This writer handles drama well without exasperating the reader with unnecessary conflict. The main character Paige is strong and confident in her abilities with a humor and kindness that keeps you rooting for her. Following her revelation of who she can become as opposed to who she thought she would be is inspiring. She is as invested in her music and aspirations as she is in her romantic entanglements and friendships. The characters surrounding her are intriguing and really complement Paiges’ journey.

A plus that you don’t always find in stories about musicians on their road to fame are the enchanting lyrics to the songs that Paige creates throughout the story. The lyrical development is an integral part of her journey and one of my favorite parts. I recommend this book for anyone who loves to read about following dreams, lasting friendships, intimate romance and of course music. Even more this book offers a broader message of seeking our own paths in a world that is at best confounding.

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