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Share Your Story of Overcoming Obstacles. Inspire Others and Get Published.

Do you have a story to share?  Share it here and inspire others!

If you have overcome something or learned a valuable lesson than your story needs to be heard. ImpowerYou is all about empowering individuals and what better way than to share your story as a guide for others. Your story will be part of many that celebrate the personal, communal, and innovative accomplishments of people around the world. Storytelling is an ancient tradition prominent in all cultures around the world. Sharing your story gives the world a chance to celebrate the similarities of everyone and cultivate compassion, acceptance, and inclusion. We all have a story to share.

  • Have you overcome abuse, addiction, depression, violence or a failed system.
  • Have you improved your community despite numerous obstacles?
  • Did you learn a valuable lesson that allowed you to grow, heal, or become healthier?


Submit your story on the What’s Your Story page.


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