What’s Your Story?

Are you ready to share your storyand inspire others?

Your story will be one of many that celebrate the personal, communal, or innovative accomplishments of people around the world. Storytelling is an ancient tradition prominent in all cultures around the world. Sharing your story gives the world a chance to celebrate the similarities of everyone and cultivate compassion, acceptance, and inclusion. We all have a story to tell.

Have you overcome abuse, addiction, depression, violence or a failed system?

Have you improved your community despite numerous obstacles?

Did you learn a valuable lesson that allowed you to grow, heal, or become healthier?

  • Your story must tell the what, why, and how you overcame your bad situation. It must contain details (nothing too personal) so that when others read it they will be able to use your experience as a tool to improve their own life or community. *Try to keep it under 1,000 words.
  • Diversity Matters: This blog stries to show a diverse and exclusive variety of ehtnicities, genders, sexual orientations and cultures.
  • Non-Fiction only! Fictitious stories will not be considered. Preferably your story needs a photo too. It can be of you/example of your work/community photos  or one that you designed to illustrate your experiences and anything else that shows what you went through.
  • No Religious Stories! This blog in no way endorses any religious messages. However if you turned your life around with non institutionalized spiritual path thatmay be a good fit for the blog.
  • Grammar is important.  If you send in a story with poor grammar it will be returned for you to correct.  A few mistakes are fine, but please check your work before submitting it as I don’t have all day to edit. (Ocassional exceptions may apply) Thanks.
  • Important Issues: Everybody has a story that matters, but we cannot publish everything.  All stories will be reviewed prior to publication and not all stories will make the cut.  Below are the guidelines for submission. Stories that are too similar will not be added to the site. In that case, you may share your story as a comment on the page of that story.
  • Your story should answer the questions below. You can answer each question separately or all together. Write the way that works best for you. 
  1. What inspired you to take actions for positive change?
  2. What was the hardest obstacle(s) that you overcame to succeed?
  3. Who, if anyone, helped you create this change?
  4. What actions must you take to stay on your new path in life?
  5. How can others follow in your footsteps?

Start Reading:

Kiyoshi’s Journey: A Hop Hop BLancing Act of Inner Peace and Sustainability

Open Heart, Open Home: Lisa’s Story

Surviving Cancer Twice: Karen’s Story


Use this Contact Form to Send Your Story:



  1. Jereme Flores · · Reply

    It’s taken me along time to overcome the abuse I took growing up. I joined a while ago but never really said much but ignored it. It makes me feel more empowered knowing I didn’t go through what I went through alone. I decided to write a book about it all. I decided that people deserve to know what I’ve been through other than my fake smile and pushing people away when they got to close. I left people wondering why I acted as I did and always said to them “you don’t know the half of what I’ve been through”

    1. Thanks for sharing Jereme. You are so right, it is important to share your story so others can know they are not alone and that they can also survive. Is your book finished? If so what is the title and where can it be reviewed for purchase?

  2. Hey Leah, I am browsing your websites and taking in your goals. Good aspirations. I responded more in length on Facebook, but just want to say you have my support.

    1. Awesome! Thanks Walter.

  3. Sounds perfect. How do we go about submitting?

    1. Hi Christine. I just added a contact form up above that you can use.

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