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High Heels Look Great, But Destroy Your Feet, Your Posture and Your Health

If I put on high heels I’d definitely run into things like doorways and low hanging fans. Yikes!  I’m six feet tall so high heels are not an important part of my life, but I know many women who swear by the heel. The reasons range from wanting to be taller and feeling fierce to career dress codes and staying trendy. Well those are all justifiable reasons, but are they worth it?

I previously worked in a shoe store and we didn’t sell many high or even low heels.  What we did have were many older woman who came in looking for relief and encouraging us to not wear high heels, or if we insisted to do so sparingly. Then they showed us their feet and WOW! Some were deformed and some were painful, but none of them were happy.

I’m not about to shame you into flats. Your body is your responsibility and I pass no judgement. I share this because I’ve seen how bad high heels are. Check out this infographic from Visual.ly and decide for yourself. The decision is always yours.

danger of high heels infographic, unhealthy high heels


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