Travel The Myriad Botanical Gardens create “Pumpkinville” in Oklahoma City, OK

Ever since childhood Halloween has been my favorite holiday.  With the costumes, the thrill of being scared without any real danger, and delicious treats it has always appealed to me. I love the pumpkins for carving and eating. I can easily get lost in the magic of goofy Halloween movies. As a kid who dreamed of a multitude of careers, worlds, and fantasies, I especially love the silliness of dressing up as fantastical creature. Though more often I’ve chosen to be a less than unique black cat, both  the sexy and cute versions.  Last year I dressed up like a mad scientist.

My Mad Scientist costume in 2013.

This year I will be celebrating in Salem, Massachusetts to get immersed in some gregarious holiday fun with a side of debauchery. My friend lives there and says the city goes all out to create a month-long spirited atmosphere of Halloween tricks and treats. To get in the holiday spirit as early as possible, I took a trip with my sister and her son to the creatively designed “Pumpkinville” at Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City. If you’re in the area, this fun event lasts until Halloween.


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