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Cutting Trees: A Gator Woman Speaks on the Sullen Silence

You’d think the tree would count as endangered if it was such a popular home for an endangered woodpecker. Read this post if you love trees, if you want to love trees or if you are considering cutting down trees.

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Walking with the Alligators

longleafpine1        weightsign

One of our  spectacular Longleaf Pine Trees and the obviously ignored weight limit sign on our road

As most of you know,  passion comes  easily when it concerns watching over Florida’s  Wild things for me and patience does not visit me very often.

Well, for the past week to ten days, my patience has been pushed to the limit and beyond!

And today, it finally snapped.

We have watched,  with gritted teeth every single day,  as logging trucks go past our house filled to the top with fairly young-looking pine trees, 5-9 trips every day,  for close to ten days now.

Yes, we were both counting them all.

So, what was it that broke the sullen silence on our part, you may ask?

It was when truck number two went  down our road this morning.

All of the other days,  it had always been a red one, but today,  the red one and a new blue went down…

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