Social Action

Bursting the Bubble of Corruption: A Nonpartisan Movement to Bring Democracy Back to the U.S.A.

Burst the bubble of corruption.

Below is an important political video presented by the Young Turks, a reasonable and intelligent news show. In this particular video they highlight political activsit Kai Newirk who did the impossible; he filmed a protest inside the Supreme Court chambers. Did you know it was illegal to video anything that goes down in OUR Supreme Court? We have a channel that records every senate and congressional moment, but not this important safeguad of our rights.

This isn’t a republican or democrat fight, it’s not about gender bias, skin color, sexuality, or religion. All citizens of the U.S.A. are losing their right to vote for our own leaders. Citizens United is just one of many stab wounds into our backs. We must bring democracy back into our own hands. We are the reason this country continues to exist. We matter.

Share this video everywhere you can and let’s take back our democracy the legal way without a violent and unncessary revolution. We are the people and together we have power to create a sustainable, peaceful, diverse nation.

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