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Easy Advertising for Your Self Published Books Through the Holidays

Marketing online isn’t rocket science.

You just need to share content from your website or blog that is interesting enough for others to share. Images with links are an easy advertising tool. These are a simple way to get people sharing your work. As long as the image is interesting and relevant to what you are selling than share it and ask your friends to share it too!




I used Adobe Illustrator to make these designs to call for supporting self published authors during the holidays.  Then I shared these on Facebook on some writing groups encouraging others to share them with links to their website. Each image had a link to my books included so each time someone clicks on the original, they will see my link. Other authors can benefit from sharing the image along with links to their books.

How Have YOU Used Images to Promote Your Business?

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*The ads on this site are here because I haven’t paid extra money. not because I support the product or service.*

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