women and age, older women, age poetry
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An Ode to Age, aka, Growing Old is Awesome!

women and age, older women, age poetry
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I love growing older,
Becoming wiser and bolder.
Stepping out of my cage ,
Adventure awaits as I turn the page.
With each conscious choice,
I lovingly rejoice.
Boldly going where I’ve never been
Intelligence and experience is what I win.

Because why not love growing older? I used to believe that line about my youth being the best years of my life. In reality the older I grow the more I enjoy life. We need to refocus our social image of seniors.  Let’s go back to learning from and idealizing those who have lived past 50.  This obsession with youth is overrated and lame. So what if someone has a tight ass and big muscles? Those priorities are not what will allow our race to move forward into more enlightened ages.  If we allow it, age teaches wisdom. I won’t dye my gray hair, I won’t fret over wrinkles. I will continue to learn and evolve for myself and the next generation.

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