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My New Book “We Will Create Sustainable Change” is FREE on Amazon Kindle

environmental books, books about the environment 2013 environment bookMy newest book “We Will Create Sustainable Change”(Up To You series) is published.  To celebrate it is free for Kindle until November 5th and as usual it can read online at Bookemon.

It’s the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the world you depend on. 

Eleven people from around the world have shared successful stories of sustainable environmental change. Learn about a variety of issues such as farming, sustainable urban areas, water conservation, animal rescue, and community partnerships. Each interview includes a blueprint for how they took action, what obstacles they overcame, and advice on how everyone can be an active participant in creating a better world. 

This is the second book and special environmental edition in the Up To You series that encourages people to solve problems and create sustainable solutions in their communities. Check out the first book, “How Will You Create Positive Change?” to learn about 16 people creating positive change in their communities on a variety of social issues.

Inside this book you will meet the following environmental heroes:
Gemma Bulos – Global Women’s Water Initiative (GWWI)
Lisa Cahill – Tree People 
Birke Baehr – Future Farmer
Jane Davis and Patricia Kington – Perth City Farm
Olivia Bouler – Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf
Eliška Koderová & Martin Maška – International Forum of Social Studies (IFSS)
Khann Chov – Beardsley Community Farm
Victoria Whelan – Seed Festival (UK) 
Sushanta Bhandarkar – Empowering Word Change
Happy Dia del los Muertos.

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