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Fashion Stomps Forward Without Starving Models

I saw a video today that brought joy to my heart.  It is a fashion show video. At a younger age I used to enjoy and planned on fashion as a career, but eventually came to loathe its cattiness, mass-produced unsustainable products, unhealthy human models who deliver each outfit and lack of reflecting our diverse society of shapes and skin colors.

Once in a while a designer causes me to enjoy fashion in its purest form, self-expression.  Street fashion is my favorite art form. You can go to the downtown area of just about any city or go to a college campus to see a parade of unusual, beautiful and sometimes confounding fashion choices. People of all ages, though the majority are young, express their personality and opinions through what they wear and how they wear it. Giving our world more color and patterns is a feast for the eyes and a reminder of our individuality.

Rick Owens recently showed off his line of clothing, Vicious, in Paris with stomping women. Their faces growled and glared as they danced stop style down the runway. There were so many parts of this that made my heart leap with joy. Where to start!

  •  The women looked healthy and did not resemble starving waifs.
  • Women with darker skin looked to be the majority.
  • Some women of African descent were allowed to have their hair naturally styled instead of ironed flat.
  • There was an obvious lack of cleavage because guess what pop culture, there are other parts of women besides our breasts!
  • The show was actually entertaining.

This is not the usual way of previewing fashion lines, but it should be. Watch the video on YouTube: 

*Reference: http://msmagazine.com/blog/2013/10/24/stomp-the-runway-the-choreographer-behind-rick-owens-astonishing-fashion-show/

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