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She Keeps Fighting Because She Cannot Forget- A Record Holder Fights For Equality

So you think you are having a rough day? Imagine breaking a sports record in your own country and then suffering the indignity of being told that your gender voids your success. That is what happened to Elham Asghari. She broke er 20KM open water swim record while wearing a ridiculously heavy swimsuit that covers everything but her face. Official judges recorded her event, but the misogynistic Iran officials refuse to acknowledge her based on religious bigotry.

Thankfully she is not giving up. She has created a video and a petition asking for international support to have her accomplishment officially recorded. You can read and sign the petition here: Then watch the video “Support Elham: Iranian Swimmer Fights for her Record” on

Elhalm Asghari
Elhalm Asghari from

As a lover of the outdoors I cannot stand to see women being forced to swim in such constricting attire. Feeling the water on my skin and the waves splashing against my body when I am swimming is wonderful. I never really thought about being lucky that I am allowed to swim in a small  suit when others are not allowed such a “right”. I hope this empowers you to fight for what is important to you and that you will sign her petition and pass it on. Elham Asghari is a harbinger of change. We need more women and men like her who will stand up for what is right so we can evolve into empowered people.

What right will you fight for today?

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8 thoughts on “She Keeps Fighting Because She Cannot Forget- A Record Holder Fights For Equality”

  1. I had heard this news when it was first out and the thing I hate about news is that you get the headline and rarely a follow-up. I have not known what became of her. Just outrageous, crazy stupid… male!!


  2. Thank you. It is weird to think that she doesn’t have the “right” to swim in less than a full covering. I hope she sometimes sneaks in swim wearing much less.


  3. I love how you tie this accomplishment to a simple pleasure we can all relate to- swimming and feeling the water directly on our skin. Such things we take for granted…


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