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Book Review: Recipe for America by Jill Richardson

Author Jill Richardson, Recipe for America, the governments role in our food
Jill Richardson, RecipeForAmerica

If you are tired of obesity, not knowing what is in your food, and politics that make food unhealthy than read this book! Jill Richardson shares insights into some of our biggest agricultural problems and provides solutions we can implement today, not in 2050. “Recipe for America: Why Our Food System is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It” is full of great information and at only 184 pages an easy read. RecipeForAmerica.org

The book starts off slow with a little too much tech-talk for my over-read brain, but halfway through the first chapter I was hooked as the tone became more relatable. She discusses sustainable agriculture, eating more locally grown food, the food we allow in our children’s schools, urban gardening, food safety measures, the health of farmers and agricultural workers, and finding the balance between regulating large agri-corps vs. small or family farms.

My favorite part of this book is how for every problem introduced she gives us simple, though not necessarily easy solutions to our broken system:

  • The food we allow in schools, including candy and other non-nutritional foods. How does this effect the way children eat?
  • The damaging impact large farms and animal warehouses have on OUR environment. What good is food if we can’t survive our environment?
  • The popularity of urban growing and how it connects often under served communities to their food. Have you considered joining a community garden in your area?

At the end of the book Jill highlights some very easy actions we can each take to stay involved and informed about what steps the government takes to protect us and puts our health at risk by bowing down to lobbyists and the agricultural industry. I challenge you to read this book and consider the way you eat, how you obtain food, and the impacts YOUR choices have on you and the world. Healthy people are empowered! Please leave a comment. Below are some questions to get you thinking.

What grosses you out about our food system?

What, if any, ways have you changed to a healthier diet?

How involved are you in the politics surrounding our food?

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