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Uncharted – My theme song for the past few years

Today I rented my fist violin and bought my first lesson book. In a few days I will take my first lesson. This was a dream, a fantasy, just another item on my bucket list. Now it is a reality. I made it happen. This post is about replacing “I can’t because…” with  “I can and I will“.

When I heard the song “Uncharted” by Sara Bareilles I was instantly hooked. It was a few years ago when I was sitting in my room contemplating this crazy idea that I could write a book. Not just any book, but one that would make a difference in the world.   This song was what I needed to hear. She told me I wasn’t alone, that other people were going forward without a map. So why wasn’t I? Fast forward 2 years and my contemplation has become my reality. My journey is still largely uncharted and it is scary, but I am more prepared than I ever though I could be. (I haven’t loved a song this much since “Unpretty” by TLC.)  Below are two of my favorite lines from this song.

1. “Stuck under the ceiling I made, I can’t help the feeling I’m going down

-Yes I am guilty of holding myself back out of fear and concern for other’s opinions. I have made my life hard by being insecure.

2. “I won’t go as a passenger no, waiting for the road to be laid, though I may be going down, I’ll take in flame over burning out

-Following the path that others want or that seems “normal” isn’t working and hasn’t for years. Now I’d rather fuel my passions than let them slowly snuff out. The road I was on meant spending my days bored at some job, staying with someone I didn’t love, and settling into a “safe” unsatisfying life. I put up a lazy half-hearted fight for it when it ended. From all I learned the past few years that sounds downright crazy to me now.

Life is meant to be spent on what truly feeds our passions! This involves working hard, getting smarter, growing, failing, and losing. I crave it. I want to get my hands dirty, to try so hard my feet ache, and get lost in the woods for days(with water, food and a tent). I want the journey that was promised to me in every adventurous book I read as a child, every sage quote that fills me with hope and conviction, and every role model that inspires me to chase after my dreams even if that means sacrificing safety and comfort.

The hardest parts of my life (other than death, loss, and violence) were all made by me. I have created so many problems for myself. Now most of my time is spent finding solutions. Some days I feel incapable, but then I remind myself that I must find my way and be true to my unique individual needs. Nobody can do this for me. I am in control. We are all capable of surviving, but when we are determined and insist on only the best that is when we THRIVE! I challenge you to go for your dreams.

I never thought my writing could be published in a book. Yet it happened.  My love of the violin was just fantasy until I stopped with excuses of why I could not and decided to find a way that I could. I thought that suffering from such frightening and immobilizing depression would break me before I reached the age of 40, but instead I learned to heal. While not every day is sunshine and rainbows, I am far from perfect, I have so much to learn, and I no longer spend my days rolled up on the floor crying. Now I can cry without feeling like it is the END. After all one of my favorite sayings is that “each ending is a new beginning”. Uncharted territory, here I come!


You can watch the (silly) video on YouTube.


Another great song of Sara’s is “Brave”.  Share this with your favorite person who is starting a new journey. Let them know that life is up to them and you want them to be brave.


What Uncharted Journeys Have You Started?

How Are You Being Brave? 

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