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Up To You The FIRST Contest Starts Today, May 1, 2013

Share Your Volunteer Story – Win the book “How Will You Create Positive Change”

It’s finally time to give way some books and to share stories of how we are all helping our communities and the world live happier and healthier lives.  I want to hear about YOUR adventures in volunteering and community improvement projects. That’s what “Up To You” is all about, getting involved and creating positive change. Share your story about a wonderful experience you had volunteering. It can be that first time you saw the impact of your hard work, the successful completion of a project, how volunteering changed your life, or the great feeling you receive from volunteering your time for something important to you.

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In exchange for your story, you will be entered to win a copy of the new book, “How Will You Create Positive Change”. It features 16 people from around the world who have created positive change in their communities. They are working in education, human rights, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, cultural preservation, health, and innovation. They are from different countries with different skin colors, different genders, and different beliefs. Yet they share a common mission of improving their communities and a respect for others. Three winners will be randomly chosen on May 27th, and mailed a soft-cover copy of the book.  In the meantime, you can read the whole book online at www.Bookemon.com.

What are you waiting for? Enter today at Facebook.com/ChangeIsUp2U

I made a video about the contest and posted it to YouTube also. Please watch it and post it on your blog or some other page you operate.



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