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Breaking News: A New Lifestyle Uncovered On Earth!

 Diversity, acceptance, and tolerance is a new LIFESTYLE taking hold of young and old alike! Is it happening in YOUR community?

Embrace.LifestyleOkay, so it’s not actually new, there have always been groups of people living in harmony with others, but it sure seems new. If you read the history books in school you’d think that the only lifestyle humanity celebrates are violent, barbaric, ignorant, bloody and hateful. Ugh! Is it any wonder kids are bullied in school and feel suicidal when they constantly learn how awful people are. Do we really expect a 16 year old to feel confident in the face of harassment backed up by thousands of years worth of proof that mean is standard? And for that matter are we surprised when kids become bullies with this reinforcement?

We were born to love ourselves so why shouldn’t that include love for others? As I have mentioned before and no doubt will mention again, being raised in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, loving family I EXPECT for people to be accepting of others differences. Despite the various hate and prejudices thrown my way and towards my family, at my core I am still surprised and saddened when people are so full of hate. I just don’t get it. So thank goodness for all the amazing people who stand for acceptance, tolerance and love of others.  One of those people is oddly enough someone  who I rolled my eyes at when I first heard about them. More proof to myself that judging someone I don’t know is LAME!

When Lady Gaga emerged as the newest pop start my first thought was, “There goes another stereotypical person who wants to be famous by freaking people out”.  I was not impressed that the media was giving some singer more attention than “real” issues like science and human rights. Of course it is hard not to hear about her due to the mass publicity over her unique wardrobe and this is one time when our celebrity obsessed society is a good thing. Because it turns out she is much more than just another pop star. She is a role model because she started the Born This Way to celebrate individualism and teach youth to build a world of acceptance.  She is one of those people celebrating a lifestyle that accepts everyone.   The foundations mission is simple “We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe, to be empowered and to make a difference in the world. Together, we will move towards acceptance, bravery and love.” I believe that too. Now I am impressed.

What Differences Do You Love About Others?

What Amazing Person Makes You Feel Good About the Future of the Human Race?

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