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Marketing My Self Published Book – The book video

There is so much advice on how to market a self published book, but most of it is for very specific genres or only for people who have nothing else to do all day for several months at a time. One piece of advice that wastes time is to” join an authors forum”. That is advice for  networking not marketing. Your readers aren’t hanging out on those threads, it’s just other authors. Remember networking is not the same as marketing. They can be mixed up, but are basically two separate plans for your business.  Slowly I realized that ALL my marketing efforts needed to be focused on places where my readers are.  Since almost all my potential customers are on social sites and video sites like YouTube, I created a video! My previous videos have been sections of my books set to music, but this time I filmed myself.

It’s not the best video I will ever make, but after 9 takes this was the best version of this idea.  I used the video on my friends Mac and uploaded it straight to YouTube. It is a short 30 second post. I post my video on Facebook often reminding my friends that it will continue to be posted until I have as many views as I have “friends”. Right now I have 52 views in the past 2 weeks. That’s good for me. Since my book includes interviews with 16 amazing people I will be asking all of them to create a short video introducing the book and their own organization.  Since this book is the beginning in a series of amazing people creating positive change if these videos are successful, I will continue this marketing idea onward for all future books.

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What sage advice would you like to share to new authors who are marketing their books?

4 thoughts on “Marketing My Self Published Book – The book video”

  1. 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement. My marketing plans thus far have been severely lacking and very scattered, so for this book and upcoming series I want to do it as well as possible.


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