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Fully clothed and no stilettos – (in my opinion)

It is the little things that have potential to grow into revolutions and social change, that make me happy. This month I found two fun music videos that I would approve of younger girls watching. What makes them great(in my opinion) are not their catchy lyrics or fun beats. What I noticed was the lack of females wearing barely there clothing or stilettos. Neither of which are wrong for women to wear, but in a society obsessed with showcasing women as strong and or sexy IF and only if they wear hardly anything and or painful shoes, it is refreshing.  This “sexy” image women are sold was so obviously created by men and not for any benefit for women.  I was in dance for years and I never danced in high heels. Obviously some women can and do quite well, but it wouldn’t have worked for my ballet and hip hop classes.

First is appropriate for over 14, “Here’s to Everything” by Misha B. It’s for an older audience because of the seemingly naked(I can’t quite tell) dancing in the beginning which turns into fully clothed dancing later on. She is reminiscent of Janet Jackson in Rhythm Nation. Misha also looks to be at a healthy weight instead of like a twig you could easily snap in two.

Second is appropriate for any age (in my opinion) “21st Century Girl” by Willow Smith which features many young girls wearing funky, punk/pop outfits, running the streets, building a city, on bikes and skateboards, and having FUN! having fun is what little girls are supposed to do.

Now I write this post knowing that some people will be offended because they read this as an attack on them or that I am saying women should be modest and concerned with whether or not they look “slutty”.  Oh please! As if! and Whatever!  To those people I say get over it. This isn’t about you.  This is a comment on a society that mostly values women as sex objects and little else. This is a blog. It’s full of MY opinions. For some reason and luckily not very often a reader gets mad at what I write. I am not writing for YOU, I am writing for me. If you get something positive out of it great, if not great. Your opinions are yours to hold and not mine to stomp all over so don’t bring that $hit to my blog.

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2 thoughts on “Fully clothed and no stilettos – (in my opinion)”

  1. Haha. I like your tenacity to not give in to haters. Sexiness isn’t about showing flesh, it’s all about confidence and not giving a damn. I enjoyed reading your post. 🙂


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